Finding the right cat

Once you have decided that you are ready for the responsibility of being
a cat owner, your search for the ideal pet begins. There are plenty of
options, but you need to choose carefully to be sure of a happy outcome.

Where to look for a cat
Registered breeders are the most reliable people to approach if you
are looking for a pedigree cat For a non-pedigree cat, try rescue centers, your vet, or friends and neighbors that you know well. Be wary of buying a
kitten or cat through a classified advertisement, especially one that also advertises a selection of other pets. The reality behind these offers may be animals that are reared in substandard conditions that leave them unprotected against diseases. For the same reason, it is best not to buy kittens from a pet shop. Although many pet shops are highly reputable, some may acquire their stock from dubious sources.

Visiting a breeder Make

an appointment with your chosen breeder to view a litter, and arrive armed with a list of points to look out for and questions to ask. If you are a first-time owner, do some homework in anticipation of the visit—both on the particular breed you have come to look at and on cat care in general. Good breeders want their kittens to go to responsible owners, so expect to have to answer questions as well as ask them. You should be satisfied that the kittens are being kept in a clean, uncrowded, homely environment. It is also important to see them with their mother and siblings. Apart from being poor practice to

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